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  1. xperiaARC

    xperiaARC New Member

    Hello evryone today I got my Xperia Arc and I found that it has navigation but does anyone knows how to use it if I don't have an internet connection,well I do but I dont want to use my mobile internet,is there a way to make it working as I really wouldn't mind if I could use gps for free.

    Need quick reply
    thanks guys

  2. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    The builtin navigation requires a data connection when planning your route, either mobile data or wifi, the maps are stored on google's servers, and the route is calculated by google's servers. You *dont* need a data connection during the journey though, just when planning. I dont think the amount of data used during planning is that much to be honest, google maps are now pretty efficient with that.

    Alternatively you'll have to buy one, e.g. Copilot live. This costs money but all of the maps are stored on your SD card and the route is planned by your phone - so no data connection is necessary (except one HUUUUGE download at the beginning to download the app and the maps).
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  3. srki

    srki Active Member

    You can also consider iGo navigation. It's pretty cool, fast and reliable. It also supports 3D buildings and works flawlessly on Arc.
    It will cos you money if you want to have it legally. On the other hand... you know :)

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  4. alder191

    alder191 Member

    you got always buy a stand alone gps reciever and set the phone to use that instead of the built in gps saving data connection
  5. srki

    srki Active Member

    Update: latest update of Google maps comes with built in map saving feature. You can save map area on your device which enables navigation without a need for data connection. You have to enable it in Menu -> More -> Labs.
    Hope this helps.
  6. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    FYI you will still need a data connection to connect to google's servers to plan the route at the beginning (or if you detour/replan en-route). The amounts of data required are pretty minimal compared to downloading maps though.
  7. Snokio

    Snokio Member

    Does anyone know of a stand alone sat nav that will work with the Arc, there seems to be some problems with them connecting via bluetooth :(

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