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    May 18, 2012
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    Since the first day I have my SE Arc S I have problems with the UMTS signal when it is paired via Bluetooth to my car's factory handsfree system.

    My car is a Renault and has the Carminat Bluetooth/navi system.

    - If I set the network setting to "GSM only" the signal is fine.

    - If I set the network setting to "UMTS only" or "UMTS (preferred)/GSM" the signal bars on my car display dissapper when the phone enters sleepmode.

    I only have to press on the HOME button and immediately the signal bars return. But I cannot keep pressing this button every few minutes when driving.... :mad:

    I was hoping that the problem would be solved with the upgrade to Android 4.0, but this hasn't helped anything :(

    Anyone else with this problem and has a solution?


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