xperia mini pro can root???????????????????:confused:General

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  1. mat tojie

    mat tojie Member

    xperia mini pro can root???????????????????:confused:

  2. knudsen81

    knudsen81 Well-Known Member

    Yes you can root mini pro, but you will loose drm rights, so no trackid and other things
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  3. mat tojie

    mat tojie Member

    how to root..use superoneclik same with x8??
  4. Xperia80

    Xperia80 New Member

    How to root, pls. Step by step as this is my first time to do it
  5. svenneovik

    svenneovik New Member

    Please read how to root your SonyEricsson at SonyEricsson support pages on web.
    They explain it all in details and also the consequenses when rooting.


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