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  1. pampanaonline

    pampanaonline New Member


    I just bought an Xperia mini Pro:). I can recieve SMS but coudn't send:(. I tried to change the SMSC number.

    Pressed *#*#4636#*#*
    Phone Information
    Refresh SMSC - (Getting the right number)
    Update - (Updating it seems)

    But when I come to home screen and go back to same option I still cant see SMSC number. It is not being saved.

    Any Ideas guys???:confused:

  2. keanzoe

    keanzoe Member

    For you information.. the setting is saved.. u may try to edit 3 last no and try update it..reset to main menu and enter again to Phone Information,,u notice that the smsc field is blank but when you
    refresh it, you will see the number u entered before.. i tried it before..

    if u cant sent sms,, check carefully the smsc me.. the number is wrong.. u may compare it to other similar model phone and operator to check the right smsc no.

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