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  1. apiffa

    apiffa New Member

    Hi all,
    Can't find SkyMap, SKEye, Astro and similar apps to show correct North and South. North and South appear interchanged.
    As of Google SkyMap, I know East & West should be reversed because of looking into the Sky, but North and South are wrong, same with SKEye for example.
    Compass Apps like Compass (, GPS Status, GPS Test, and Utooo Compass all show correct North, but no way with "SkyMaps".Android Version is 2.3.3, kernel is:
    Have tried magnetometer calibrations with "8" turns, and clearing A-GPS data. About Maps not sure what's actually doing. GPS Essentials is working fine.
    Any ideas?

  2. apiffa

    apiffa New Member

    Hi all, Further investigation using AndroSensor showed me that skymap follows orientation sensor. Then not guilty.I am thinking of interference from a near GSM/3G antenna. Will Further investigate. BTW, I am impressed of this device and sensors it has. It's an INCREDIBLE piece of technology loaded with the best opensourced O.S. Virtual unlimmited possibilities for anything from hacking to developing apps.Congrat tu all that contribute to this.
  3. apiffa

    apiffa New Member

    Was wrong. Compasses apps do right always and follow orientation sensor. Maps, skymap, gps Essentials and skeye all do wrong pointing oppossite. At least before a gps fix. Will test after fix.

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