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  1. damomagee

    damomagee Member

    I have have a new xperia mini pro sk17i phone and updated to the latest firmware Nov 2011. However the screen flickers, or the brightness changes up and down.

    I know from previous reading that it has to do with the light sensor on the front because if you cover it up the problem goes away, but that is not the point the software of the phone is changing the brightness, there is no setting to disable auto brightness only to set your own brightness at what ever level you are comfortable with. Why have this setting if the internal software messes it all up, seems ridiculous to me.

    Does anyone else suffer from this problem as my wife has the phone with the same problem and is there a fix possible?


  2. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    Hiya,Yes my phone does this too, I wasnt sure if there was something wrong with it. I have not found a way to stop it though sorry. Just thought I would mention it happens on mine too.
  3. damomagee

    damomagee Member

    I have emailed UK Sony support to get an official response from them.

    Hopefully the icecream sandwich update when it comes out will solve this problem if enough people contact them to let them know of the problem, as it is something that could be easily sorted by a software fix. Will let you know when I get a reply. :)
  4. damomagee

    damomagee Member

    I got a reply regarding flickering screen from sony uk support.

    Dear Daman,

    Thank you for contacting the Sony Ericsson support centre.

    We are sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with the diplay flickering on your Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro.

    We can confirm that this issue is not a know inherent problem with the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro.

    We would first suggest that you try to perform a repair of the software using PC Companion. If the issue is related to a problem with your software this will be repaired and your handset will work as intended. To do this, you will need to install PC Companion from the Sony Ericsson website. Please follow the steps below to do this:

    1. Go to Sony Ericsson - Sony Ericsson
    2. Select your region
    3. Go to Support
    4. Click on the
  5. rodluizpant

    rodluizpant New Member

    Download free Power widget On play store and add it to your home screen. It will ask you the controls you want and add in One of the positions brighteness toggle. Then flick down to the end and TAP save. Tap the sun in the widget until its in the desired brighteness and its without an A in the middle of the it. Hope it solves your problems ;)

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