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Xperia mini ramSupport

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  1. bikash0090

    bikash0090 New Member

    I buy this phone last 2 dayes ago

    when i goto application -> running service there shown me that used ram 185 and free ram 126mb, I calculate this and for what is my actual ram it 306mb

    but sony ericsson sys xperia mini has 512 mb ram ,

    why different for me plz any body know actual what is this, what actual matter

    srry for my bad english

  2. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    The rest of the memory is in used by some system apps. I don't really have all the details about it but I know it is used by some system apps.
  3. bikash0090

    bikash0090 New Member

    when I run AnTuTu benchmark software there shown me I have 335.3mb ram
    I cant understand about it
  4. aniketgokhale

    aniketgokhale New Member

    I bought the xperia mini in Feb 2012. Since then the RAM showing in the running services is 116 used and 18 MB free. I do not understand why it shows like this. xperia mini has 512 mb RAM.

    Even the inbuilt 2GB SD Card shows 1.2 GB used and 800 MB free. I have not even copied any music files and hardly 10-12 photos are there.

    Please can someone let me know if this is a hardware problem or a software problem.

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