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xperia mini ST15i upgraded to 4.0.2.A.0.42, but...Tips

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  1. mrako

    mrako New Member

    ...very cool way of locking the phone keyboard is gone(by pressing the power button). Or more accurate, screen turn off effect- it was like on the old tv with cathode ray tube.
    for example see 1:41s on this video /watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=UE9lZLfRQvw#t=100s

    with expiria mini x10, it is the same way of locking...

    During the keyboard lockup, the phone screen now, after the update, simply fades to black, with no "old tv turn off" effect. Is there a way to bring that effect back? Because i liked it a lot...it is very impressive for a first wacher eye too.

    Thank you for spending any time to help.


  2. tahirorhan

    tahirorhan New Member

    I have same problem, are there anyone know that what is the solution? Thanks..
  3. m4dj

    m4dj Guest

    Seems that the SE removed this feature. Mine also do the same ....
  4. donevGO

    donevGO New Member

    :confused: I really liked that thing. And now it's gone. I hope they bring it back with next updates.
  5. TodorSRB

    TodorSRB New Member

    "Old TV turn off" is back in 4.0.2.A.0.62!!!!!!! Great news :)

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