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  1. darkw50

    darkw50 New Member

    Hey, I've just bought mine yesterday, and when I popped open the cover on the back I was surprised to see a 1450mah battery there, instead of the 1500mah I remembered it should have.

    Does anyone know if in the european version it's a 1450mah battery and not a 1500mah? Does somebody else have this battery instead of the 1500mah one?

    Help would be much obliged.

  2. ofnuts

    ofnuts Member

    I have shiny new French Xperia Neo (actually a Kyno, it's the new name) with a BA700 battery rated at 1500mAh. However I'd not worry too much about that, unless you have been given an OEM battery (in which case it's a rip-off). Between 1500 and 1450 you won't notice the difference (batteries wear out and lose capacity over time).

    But have you got a Neo or a Neo V, which is a different animal (5Mpix camera)? This could explain the different battery.
  3. darkw50

    darkw50 New Member

    Nope, it's the Neo not the Neo V. I'll check exactly what it says on the battery and post it here. I'm pretty sure I saw it says Sony Ericsson on the battery so I don't think it's and OEM one, but I want the 1500mah if that's what's supposed to come with the phone anyway.
  4. darkw50

    darkw50 New Member

    Just checked and it does say BA700 on mine as well (with "Sony Ericsson" beneath it). On the other side it says 1460mah, so I guess it's an original battery. Kinda weird though that it isn't 1500mah, but probably there won't be much difference.

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