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  1. Terry1100

    Terry1100 Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    Any Xperia Neo users out there that can confirm whether the Xperia Neo has a lanyard loop fitted ?

    My one absolute dealbreaker for a phone - and it's rarely mentioned in owners manuals or reviews :mad:.



  2. ginjiamano

    ginjiamano New Member

    Good Evening Sir Terry 1100,

    I can use a lanyard for my SE Xperia Neo. Looking at the back of the phone, I used the bottom left portion of my android phone for hooking my lanyard. Try observing the case that there is actually a hole left intentionally for the hooked lanyard to pass through once you cover the back with its case. Attached are some pictures of what I'm trying to explain to you. I'm not good with explaining, obviously. :D Sorry, hope you'll understand through the pictures.

    Case fitted for the lanyard:

    Where I hook my lanyard:

    Lanyard hooked on my phone:

    Hope that explains it. :D

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