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  1. n030992

    n030992 New Member

    I've been having a problem since before i updated my phone, i've used 3 different usb cables(sony cables-the one i got when i bought it, also, it used to connect before and i can connect other phones so it's not the cables) on 2 different laptops (works with other phone) but all it does is charge and nothing doesn't give me the ''connect your phone'' option. I went into connectivity, changed the connectivity mode, tried pc phone is not rooted or anything. i've unmounted and mounted my SD card in another phone and it works so it's not my SD...i heard it has something to do about force charge or something like that but i don't really know how to toggle it off if it's on. Help please!

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Do you get any notification from the PC that the phone is connected and does anything show in the My Computer or Computer sections of the PC?
  3. n030992

    n030992 New Member

    no nothing...when i connect the phone then it doesnt even do the sound thingy..the phone just starts to charge

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