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  1. WOG

    WOG Member

    So, I've ordered my Xperia Play, it hopefully should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. Anyway, I've heard a lot about emulators for the android, and have heard a little bit about them for the play, but I haven't heard any people experiences.. I am currently using a Huawei x5 u8800 as a replacement until my new phone comes. I know that it is a terrible phone, but i tried installing and using psx4droid, it works but the roms play terribly, the audio is choppy and unbearable, and frame rate is ridiculously low.

    Do any of you guys have any emulators on your Xperia Plays? or have any of you tried any and had bad experiences?
    Please do tell..

  2. Geeve

    Geeve New Member

    Well I heard that for PS1 games, the best is FPSe.

    I'll also order my Xperia Play after a few days, but I'm not sure how am I supposed to use emulators in the first place.
  3. Zohan_2541

    Zohan_2541 New Member

    hi i have a play and use
    all work really well some Nintendo 64 game run slow or not at all but the playstation emulator works fine not come across a game that does not play. only tip with the playstation map the L2 & R2 buttons to the volume buttons if you want to change the volume the press the menu and change it. bit of a pain but you dont need to remap the buttons each time
  4. skynet58

    skynet58 Member

    Stay away from jarcade emulator it doesnt even work. I payed 4 bux for it and all i get is black screen on every game. i did all instruction from his website and it is bs. By the way on fpse medal of honor 1 and tenchu 1 dont work but every other game i tried does work. Its the best ps1 emulator i ever used, would have spent triple price for it if had to. I just wish android market would put tiger arcade back up. The link on this forum doesnt work to dl tiger arcade.
  5. dudeofrude

    dudeofrude Well-Known Member

    Gameboid is imo the best emulator by far, has all the marios, sonics, pokemons, plus thousands more, really made me fall back in love with this phone!!
  6. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    I don't see any of the "oid" on the market, where are you getting them from? Also, I downloaded uniracers for PSX and I got a bunch of .smc and .srm, do I need all of these? Or can I delete all but one?
  7. dudeofrude

    dudeofrude Well-Known Member

    You need to download 'slide me' just google it from ya phone and theres a direct download link on the webpage. Pretty much all the 'oid' emulators are free on there plus theres some awesome rom packages on there too
  8. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    Know any free psx ones?
  9. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Shame not mentioning Tiger Arcade, which plays all Neo Geo, Capcom 1 & 2 and Cave games perfect with sound. Literally like having an arcade in your pocket :)

    Or PCE, which plays Turbografx / PC Engine games pefectly. Galaga 88/90 and Blazing Lazers- Nough said :)
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    FPSe is well worth the $5, compared to the performance of the free options.

    PSX4Droid is the best free option ATM.
  11. samkar

    samkar New Member

    i just ordered a play and was also wondering which emulators to use and how to get them and make them work. I have no experience with this so if anyone could tell me how it works i would be gratefull.
    Also do only the smaller size games work, will i be able to play Zelda Ocarina of Time or FF7 or is this not possible?

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