Xperia Play hits 400 games, and I've created a website to database them all!Tips

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  1. TLRtheory

    TLRtheory New Member

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is a very big deal for smartphone gaming. As a previous iDevice owner who noticed the potential for games on smartphones was exploding, it was pretty sad to see that that growth was stifled by touch-screen controls limiting what we can do and how deep a smartphone game is allowed to be.

    We've seen physical gamepad solutions try to get smartphone gaming out of the "touch-screen gaming ghetto," devices such as the iControlPad, Gametel Controller and 60Beat controller... and they've all had such poor software support that they've pretty much failed to be anything more than emulator assistants.

    That is, until the Xperia Play came along last year.

    While it may have been initially written off by those who (incorrectly) presumed it's specs wouldn't be able to handle newer games, Xperia Play's picked up loads of momentum since it's release, got tons of AAA developer names backing it (such as Rockstar, Namco, Square Enix, EA, Sega, etc), got every benchmark gaming title on the platform under it's belt, and grew from an initial 40-60 games to 400 faster than any button-based gaming handheld in the entire history of gaming.

    And I'm here to provide a database for Xperia Play gamers worldwide that databases them all!


  2. xb35

    xb35 Member

    WOW... Thanks for the link. :)
  3. TLRtheory

    TLRtheory New Member

    The pleasure's all mine!

    If I could get any and everyone in the world who cares about smartphone gaming to know how awesome Xperia Play's become, I could ask for nothing more :)
  4. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

    Agree, my first smartphone and the best smartphone!!!!

    wouldnt change it for the world

    thanks for the link!
  5. mugen

    mugen Member

    no ps1 games = crappy phone maybe next time sony. if there is one.
  6. TLRtheory

    TLRtheory New Member

    Just like the PS2's best for PS2 games, PS3's best for PS3 games and PSP's best for PSP games, Xperia Play's good for it's own content. If we really wanna be nostalgia drunks, we can get ePSXe or FPse anytime to have all the imbalanced fighters, outdated FPS controls, bad graphics and racers with poor physics that our hearts can handle.

    What makes Xperia Play great is that it actually has fresh, new, THIS-GENERATION content!

    No problem! Posts like this make the daunting task of databasing all these games feel worthwhile!
  7. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    i loved my xperia play
    still love it but now running a GS3 with a sixaxis controller :p
  8. twizzysolo

    twizzysolo Member

    Im getting my unlocked in tomorrow afternoon,unless someone know wherei can get done online for under $25
  9. otlndr

    otlndr New Member

    It has several ps1 games. Not only that, but it is the worlds absolute best phone for emulators. It plays actual Psx games very well. The only issue is the lack of a second set of bumpers....if your game REQUIRES those, it doesn't work as well, altho you can set the search and back buttons to replace those. Not only that, but it has more than enough buttons for pretty much every system older than the Psx. It's a fantastic handheld for emulators.

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