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  1. Rajko_Grkinic

    Rajko_Grkinic New Member

    This is my first every forum post so please bare with me :)

    I myself have had a Xperia Play for a while now, I am very fond of it however when I look at the IGN review on it I notice that it has a landscape mode on the home screen and the menu. I was just wondering why my phone hasn't got that feature as I am updated to the latest version.

    So are there any particular factors which effect the phones firmware :)

    Thanks :D

  2. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    link to the ign review
  3. MartinSWE

    MartinSWE Member

  4. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    Ok i see what you mean, that landscape mode is only available on the GSM version of the phone. CDMA does not have it however it you get ADW Launcher this can be use as an alternative to enable landscape mode.
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  5. Rajko_Grkinic

    Rajko_Grkinic New Member

    Ah okk, just got the launcher and it does have a landscape mode :)

    Cheers for the help :D

    Is it region then that decides whether it is GSM or CDMA?
  6. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    GSM versions use sim card, so you can use it on any compatible simcard service. However verizon has a deal with making the phone exclusivevly for them in the US for the time being until AT&T rolls it out on their neck of the woods.
  7. Cl8rs

    Cl8rs Well-Known Member

    What other things does the Verizon(cdma) model not have and the GSM does? Anything the CDMA one has the GSM doesn't?
  8. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    The only advantage that the CDMA version has over the GSM version is the software . It comes preloaded with a vanilla version of gingerbread android. *shrugs* thats about it. GSM you can use sim card, not be strapped down to verizon network , sony erricson gives you option to unlock the phone via their website , time scape, mediscape, and sync via sony erricson website.
  9. Rajko_Grkinic

    Rajko_Grkinic New Member

    Ah ok thanks, been a big help :)
  10. dudeofrude

    dudeofrude Well-Known Member

    Ive got the uk version of the play and mine doesnt have landscape mode, apparently its one of the feature coming in the next upgrade?
  11. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    download Adw launcher to gain landscape mode
  12. AmneonX

    AmneonX Well-Known Member

    If you slide the gamepad out, and go to the homescreen, you have Landscape, which is what you see in the video. That is also the Verizon version in the video.
  13. Digital Jester

    Digital Jester Well-Known Member

    Yea it was the same with mine. Just got the update yesterday though and now I have it =D (Only works when you slide the game pad out or put it in the Dock though, it isn't linked with the accelerometer.)

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