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  1. Tamood

    Tamood New Member

    I had my Xperia Play for 2 months now, And so I was playing A game called Roman Empire for Android, then It was forced closed. Then I decided to play later, then I received a message and the messaging was forced closed also. I kept opening the messaging but it always force closes. Then a notification popped out that the battery was getting low, but I couldn't find my charger and then I thought I'll just charge it later. Then the battery died. A few hours later I found my charger and plugged in my Xperia Play. It was perfectly fine, the power switch was orange (means that it's charging), and the screen had a battery picture with a lightning. Then after charging i turned on the phone, the SE text showed up then a few seconds later the logo showed up. It was perfectly fine until the phone suddenly turned off, then the SE text showed up again then the logo, then the phone went off, then it happened again! I think this is what they call the "boot loop"? Please answer ASAP. There is a PVP event on my favorite game, Roman Empire and it will only last until next week! HEEELP :(.

    BTW, I am aware of the thing called CWM but I cant use it because my phone is stuck on boot

    And lastly, my phone is not rooted.

  2. zzzz401

    zzzz401 New Member

    When I tried installing a darkforest rom it would loop at the bootscreen. So I did some research if you flash the original firmware and rom. It was fixed :) but I lost all my data:mad:
    . But i re installed CWM and fixed the md5sum in my backup and got my data back. :) Look into flashing the device to work again but will have data loss.
  3. Tamood

    Tamood New Member

    Whars darkforest rom? What do you mean by "Look into flashing the device to work again but will have data loss"? Even the stuff in my memory card will be gone? Oh man, why did I get to this kind of trouble, I was just innocently playing! :(
  4. fuhrl

    fuhrl Well-Known Member

    Using the PC companion program from SE you can reload the original software to the phone to get you out of the boot loop it's stuck in. the data on your sd card will still be there (pics, music, some game data, etc) but you'll lose the data on the phone itself. it's a pretty easy fix. i've had to run the software on my phone too many times in the last week while trying to install custom roms and messing my phone up. the process using PC Companion is very easy and it walks you through the whole process.

    Download for PC - Sony Smartphones (UK)
  5. silent2hunter

    silent2hunter New Member

    I have the same problem. After I flash Darkforest ROM, my XPlay stuck in boot loop. I even can not enter recovery mode. Can You provide me step by step to restore original ROM using PC companion Please
  6. fuhrl

    fuhrl Well-Known Member

    the program walks you through it step by step. i couldn't make it easier than the program makes it.

    the only thing that threw me off was at the end. it will probably say that your software is up to date. on that screen there is an install button. install the software anyway and you should be good to go.
  7. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    1. Before you start you have to download the PC Companion software from Download for PC - Sony Smartphones (UK)
    and install it on your PC.
    2. Once installed on your PC, double-click the PC Companion icon on your desktop to start the update.
    Note! For some models you will be prompted to do a backup prior to the update and then restore.
    3. Install and open PC Companion then select Support Zone.
    4. Phone Software Update.
    5. Start.
    6. Repair Phone
    7. Continue
    8. Accept data removal
    9. Next
    10. Wait for prepare
    11. Select Phone
    12. Follow the connectionn steps
  8. silent2hunter

    silent2hunter New Member

    Thanks for replying. but I can't find Repair Phone button. I just find Phone Software Update. but when I press that button I can't follow the step on screen because it requesting my phone to be finished started (My phone only display text "Sony Ericson" after that restarting again). I have no Idea what happen with my phone
  9. fuhrl

    fuhrl Well-Known Member

    what version of the phone do you have? The PC Companion might not work for you depending on what model you own. I actually meant to link to the Update Service software not the PC Companion. I think you have to use the Update Service software if you're using one of the U.S. Xperia Plays. For Verizon you need to use this for sure since that's what I have. I'm not totally sure about AT&T.

    Update Service Download - Softpedia
  10. silent2hunter

    silent2hunter New Member

    Finally I succeed to fix my phone. I use flashtool to flash my phone and its perfectly works :D. But I still give thanks to fuhrl and Sam-SonyXperia for helping me out from this terrible problem :)
  11. psmachete

    psmachete New Member

    Hey, could you give me a link to the flashtool you used?
  12. akosimark

    akosimark New Member

    i got the same issue only SE text shown how can i fix it? pls help me.. if i cant fix it my uncle will punished me
  13. tobyblevins

    tobyblevins New Member

    i cant stand that...if you are asking for help on a form and u find how to fix the prob your self send a ****ing link so others can fix there shit to ty ...

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