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    Jan 28, 2010
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    OK, so my Pro has finally been up-dated to ICS, which is lovely and super and all that. However an odd (minor) issue has occured with the keyboard and it's not the QWERTY-AZERTY problem that seems so common.
    The mode toggle characters have now been "mixed-up" for lack of a better phrase, so they do not all corespond with the symbols show on the keyboard. For example, the @ key does not produce anything at all when pressed and when the mode toggle is switch it shows a colon not an apersand as it should. A toggled Z should have no symbol but now produces an open bracket while the open bracket key (toggled K) shows a comma.
    The number are fine, its just the bottom couple of rows that have an issue.
    Any one else had this or have any solutions?
    (I'm in the UK and running a unlocked device on O2)


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