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  1. lolalola

    lolalola New Member


    Just wanted to ask some advice - I've had the Xperia Ray for a few months now, very happy with it, but recently the "Google Search" bar disappeared from my homepage and I wasa wondering if anyone had any advice on getting it back?? I can still access the internet through the browser icon but I miss the voice search in the Google search bar.


  2. iamviveksri

    iamviveksri Well-Known Member

    ya- the feeling that at least someone is listening to you :)

    well just keep your finger on an empty space on the home screen for a few seconds [also called long press], and a window will pop up wherein Widgets will be one option. choose widgets and you will be presented with a list of them

    now scroll down till you see the word google. touch that and lo behold, you are good as new.

    experiment with the other widgets and shortcuts too-- u will enjoy them
    By the way,I use the Google shortcut instead of widget...it saves screen space.

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