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  1. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    I've read on some sites about Sony mentioning fast charging on the Xperia S - getting to 80% charge after 30 minutes.

    Now, the review unit I got has a European charger and I've not found a shaver adapter - so for now I'm using a different charger, and the USB cable plugged into my Mac.

    It's certainly NOT fast charging, and there's no mention of this in the manual. Is this something the phone definitely has? And if so, is it down to the charger providing a higher current?

    I will obviously try the supplied PSU as soon as I can, but as some people have got this phone then I was wondering what you're finding.. does it charge quickly for you?

  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Only thing i heard is 30min charge will get you an hours use.
  3. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    I've not seen anything official on this (it's not in the manual) but the Xperia S does apparently fast charge IF you use the supplied PSU.

    It aims to get to 80% within 30 minutes of charging, and then trickle charge the rest to prevent damage to the battery.

    Until I read something official from Sony, I'll reserve judgement. What I have found is that it charges very slowly when I top up from the USB cable connected to my Mac. Mind you, there's a bigger battery to charge so it should take longer.
  4. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    Apparently there seems to be two different types of charger, the (EP800 & EP850). The EP850 which charges the quicker of the two. I only found this out by going on XDA forum.
  5. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    How do you know which you have? Where abouts on the charger does it say?
  6. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    Don't have it in front of me but I believe you will find the info by looking on the prong charger.
  7. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    I have the EP800 charger (European 2-pin) which is 5V, 850mAh

    The EP850 charger is 5V and 1500mAh. I wonder why Sony hasn't shipped the phone with one of those? Perhaps this is why they haven't talked much (officially) about fast charging and there's no mention in the manual that I can see - they'll sell this separately as an accessory in some regions in the near future to make some more money!

    However, I've got a USB charger with my HP Touchpad that outputs 5.3V and 2000mAh! Seems to charge Xperia S just fine, and I'll have to see if it's fast charging it.

    I'm a little concerned about it being 5.3V, but the extra current won't be a problem as the phone will take what it wants.
  8. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    To add; it seems the HP charger is fast charging. It jumped from 72% to 80% in almost no time at all - but then began to slowly go up from there.

    So, the phone does seem to draw less power from 80% onwards.

    If anyone has an Android tablet that can charge via microUSB (and not via a separate PSU connector) then check to see if that has a higher current output, as you may find you already have the means to fast charge.

    The new Motorola Xoom 2 tablets charge via USB, for example.

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