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Xperia S not getting jellybean?General

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  1. XploitZ

    XploitZ Well-Known Member

    here is the latest news i found so far

    Android 4.1 upgrade list: Is your device getting Jelly Bean? | Computerworld Blogs

    xperia s IS NOT ON THAT LIST :mad:
    and to think sony once called it its flagship device for 2012
    even a 2010 nexus S already had its taste of jellybean
    is this because sony released way too many flagships for 2012 and overlooking the first one?
    i think sony is following LG's way which really sucks big time


  2. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    tbh I'm not that bothered. I'm really happy with my phone now it's on ICS, and the only firmware that would interest me would be one which dramatically increases the battery life.
  3. superpoolie

    superpoolie Member

    Dont believe the X10 will get jelly bean considering it was left out of the ics update so possibly put wrong handset name down on the list, I could be wrong
  4. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    You mean, not getting JB officially, if it means that much to you, root and install a JB Rom.
    Though at the moment they are alpha /beta
  5. XploitZ

    XploitZ Well-Known Member

    I dont want to root my phone and prefer official updates
    I really would like the buttery smoothness of JB, pinch transition in homescreen for floating widgets has slight hiccups on ICS
  6. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Then, without meaning to sound horrible.

    As far as I'm aware there are only 3 ways of getting new roms.

    1,Official update.
    2,Leaked rom flashed with flash tools.
    3,add a recovery.
  7. chunt69

    chunt69 Member

    I can't see it on there? xperia T but no xperia s.
    IMO that means they don't know so havn't listed it.
    and that blog is hardly a bible anyhow, wait and see i reckon.
  8. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

  9. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

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