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  1. subhan222

    subhan222 New Member

    I have Sony Bravia KDL-40D3500 TV and i am connecting my Xperia S using HDMI cable provided in the box

    I can not browse my phone using the TV Remote at all.

    Searched all the internet but no solution actually no one having this issue except me.

    Even under External Inputs from TV remote i select HDMI Device Selection as Player 1 it does not work its displays following

    Launching. Please wait.

    Communication failed. please check your cable or connection.

    Under "setting --> HDMI Setup --> Device List Update" could not able to find anything even my phone is connected. and if i select "HDMI Device List" nothing is listed there as well.

    not sure what can i do but its shame the sony phone does not work with Sony Bravia. I have check the spec of this tv it says it has Bravia Sync but not sure how to locate it ?


  2. subhan222

    subhan222 New Member

  3. filatelisti

    filatelisti Member

    But you still get an image? You mean the only problem is with the remote not working?

    I would go to a friends house or even to a electronics-store and try to hook up the phone to one of their TV and another cable. I would guess the cable is faulty. Other than that it seems strange it doesn't work with Sony's own TV. I have a Philips HDTV and it works perfectly with it..
  4. subhan222

    subhan222 New Member

    That is correct the remote is not working. tried every possible thing but thanks for ur suggestion is will try connecting it somewhere else.

    btw some more details are here
  5. AntonXperiaS

    AntonXperiaS Active Member

    i plugged mine into my goodmans tv and although the remote worked the buttons were completely random, up down left and right all did completely different things, like one was volume up and the other was back and the other was fast forward.
  6. gamers.wc

    gamers.wc Member

    Maybe you need to change hdmi settings, I also had that troblem with my BRAVIA, go to settings/set up/HDMI set up and then turn on control for HDMI and plug in your phone; it should work as it worked for me :)
  7. Ridethesplit

    Ridethesplit Well-Known Member

    I have connected my Samsung tv to my broadband router.

    When I tick the share with connected devices box on my phone, all my media content is available on my tv. I can control it all with my tv remote wirelessly.

    Could it be you need to connect your tv to a router?
  8. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    I've got 2 Panasonic TVs. The remote works with the newest one, but not with the older model. Neither are connected to my router.

    Guess people's problems are more down to their TVs rather than the phone.

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