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  1. semmy96

    semmy96 Member

    I have recently purchased a sony xperia tipo, The first time a charged was for 5-6 hrs.. but even after that it didnt show the icon on the notification bar "battery full unplug charger",after some time i unplugged it. The same thing happened with the second charge. :confused: Now I am woried about the battery health.I don'y know if it's normal. If not , is it a software error?What can I do to fix it?

  2. kawaii247

    kawaii247 New Member

    When the led become green, it is fully charged.
    Or you can see fully charged at the waiting screen.

    Use the original charger and update the software may be .. :D
  3. semmy96

    semmy96 Member

    do you see a notification in the bar for full charge???? :confused:

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