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Xperia U issuesGeneral

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  1. FelgY

    FelgY Member

    Hi all!

    I've recenlty bought a Xperia U and, until now, I've found some bugs that I would like to share with you so you can confirm them (if that's the case) and/or suggest a fix.

    First of all, and in my opinion, the most annoying bug is the delay of +-1sec when someone calls me. When I pick up the call, for the very first second no one can hear me. This only applies to incoming calls! Outgoing calls work OK.

    Second, the notification LED which is really bad... The SMS/missed call blue light is very weak, you can barely see it.

    I'll be waiting for your feedback! ;)



  2. Duv

    Duv Well-Known Member

    Not sure on the lag side of things, but there is an app which lights up the clear bar for missed calls and texts which you can choose different colours for:
    its called illumination bar or something by rangdand, works pretty well
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  3. FelgY

    FelgY Member

    That app is just great!
    Thanks a lot! :D
  4. Eternal Noob

    Eternal Noob Member

    The only thing that has been worrying me is how quickly the phone heats up when running high end games such as riptide and dark legends, I'm going to try leaving the flexi-case off whilst playing to see if that makes any sort of a difference.
  5. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Heating up whilst performing high CPU usage tasks is perfectly normal. I would be more concerned if it didn't heat up as this would then imply that the phone was keeping all heat generated in the body of phone which could cause severe damage over time.
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  6. Eternal Noob

    Eternal Noob Member

    Good to know thanks, am overall very impressed with this phone. I bought a Galaxy Ace also for the wife on the same contract (
  7. 0xygen

    0xygen New Member

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums, I've come here hoping to get some help.

    I've recently purchased a Xperia U, but it seems that I'm having some battery issues with it. The phone dies, even with half the battery bar showing, and when I attempt to turn it back on it won't do so until I plug it into mains. When I finally do get it back on, I read the battery amount it then shows red. The phone gives no warning of the battery running low. I'm wondering if this is a solvable issue?

    Another thing I'm having trouble with is updating the OS from Ginger Bread, to Ice Cream Sandwich. Has anyone had any luck with doing that? I've tried using the site, as well as the PC Companion software, and neither have worked. I've resorted to contacting Sony in hopes that I get a helpful response from them. Has anyone here managed to upgrade the OS to Ice Cream Sandwich?
  8. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Your first issue should be resolved if you can get the update to work. At what point in the update process with PC Companion do you come across a problem?
  9. 0xygen

    0xygen New Member

    When using the PC Companion to update the OS, it doesn't give me the option to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, so I opted for the 'Repair' option where it clears most of the data apart from the media files, hoping that this will fix the battery issue. It ran the Repair just fine, no problems occurred during it, but I have to wait and see if it made a difference to the battery issue.

    Whether I search for updates directly on the phone, the website, or the PC Companion I get told that I have the latest software available. When I go to the website and check the availability of software it shows the latest available software is 6.0.B.3.162, release date: 2012-06-22, (link: sonymobile.com/global-en/software/phones/xperia-u/) but when I check my phone to see what software it has it shows 6.B.1.546 with android version 2.3.7 which is Gingerbread. The PC Companion does not give me the option to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, nor does the website detect that the phone has an new update. Both say the phone is up to date with the latest software even though it's not.
  10. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Ok I understand now. Unfortunately whilst a new version of software may in general be available, each network in each country must pass acceptance on the update before we are able to roll it out the customers. Once this is done it is then rolled out in stages so that we do not have everyone connecting to the server at the same time. In this circumstance you would simply need to check with PC Companion on a periodical basis and this will advise you when the new firmware is available for your version of this model.
  11. Hello, I've recently moved from HTC (Wildfire S) to Xperia U. I am overall very happy of the phone. I think battery life and camera quality are better than Wildfire S.
    Things I don't like:

    - charger cable is too short (I have to bow under the desk to make a call when it's in charge)

    - notification LED practically useless (I have just downloaded the app to use the bottom bar)

    - the three soft keys don't have light. A bit difficult to find them in the night.

    - GPS is weak (don't know if it is only for my firmware).

    I can live with the first three, but I am writing because of the last issue.
    I bought the phone in Italy and it seems a common problem with the Italian firmware: GPS takes forever to fix and signal is not very precise.
    Do you experience the same? With HTC fixing was less than 10 seconds, now after 5 minutes it is still fixing.

    Thank you
  12. jimmy221193

    jimmy221193 New Member

    @oxygen: Dude i had the same problem with my xperia u.so i resetted my phone once now i dont have that problem any more.
    Caution:resetting will delete all the data (including contacts)
  13. ferdz7187

    ferdz7187 Member

    Hi to all.
    wifi problem here. just got my fone yesterday. all is well at first, until i installed pc companion then update my fone. update done, problem is after restart, it fail to connect on the wifi/router i used to update my fone. but when i try to connect on other router, like on my cousin's and friend's, it works fine. just this one router i commonly use esp. when i'm home. this is a big problem for me. pls help. any tips out there that i can try are highly appreciated. Tnx!
  14. kesje

    kesje Member

    take a look at this thread :)
  15. dakz4u

    dakz4u New Member

    I am facing issues with the touch screen ........... The corners especially of the left side dont respond.Even the wifi tethering is creating a problem.It works for few minutes and then goes off. I have to restart the fone to fix the tethering issue. The touchscreen issue remains

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