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  1. harsha1988

    harsha1988 New Member


    My Xperia U switches off suddenly without any reason. I am finding it too hard to use it. I have repeatedly check every 5 minutes if its on or off.

    Recently, it started switching off even during the call. I have even tried to reset the phone to its original settings but the problem still continues.

    Is anyone having the similar issue. Please post a fix.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome, harsha.

    That type of issue most often points to a defective device which needs replacement or repair.

    But before taking it in, try powering it down and removing the sd card and the sim card. Power back up with only the sim card put back in and see how it runs (what's on your sd card won't be available of course, so you may get errors during this test ;)).

    If the problem of spontaneous shut-downs is remedied, you've isolated something on your sd card as the issue, or the card itself being corrupted.

    If the problem is still there, power down and remove the sim card briefly, then put it back in and power up. Sometimes doing that will cause things in the system to behave as a sort of "super reboot" of the device without doing a factory data reset.

    Good luck. Please post back your results. :)
  3. fuzzface

    fuzzface Well-Known Member

    Xperia U doesn't have an sd card, so I think the best option is to take it back to where you got it and get a replacement as it will be under warranty.
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  4. Confucius2nd

    Confucius2nd New Member

    My Xperia-u does that I think it's due to the sim card not being recognized or slightly moving out the sim slot, I recommend a sim card slot holder, and if that isint your problem go to a qualified shop to fix your phone and my device seems to do that if the Sims not a problem it's something else but I can bare it because it doesn't always happen much anymore.
  5. priyank lava

    priyank lava New Member

    Download original custom ROM by any trusted sourse .... better flash it by PC..
    Google for the guide...
    If its a software prob it would be resolved.

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