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  1. royalexander

    royalexander New Member


    If this has been posted and dealt with elsewhere, then I apologise, but I can't find it.

    Essentially I am trying to sync my X10 with outlook, the contacts and calender specifically. The Sony Ericsson PC companion and Media Share thingy that come with it, don't appear to do it. The sync thing int he Pc companion sends me to a website that isn't clear on what to do next.

    I can't find the fabled PC SUITE that I have heard about on some forums.

    Also when I spoke to their support line, (SE), they said that I had to opena google account to do this, and that this would sync with outlook.

    Anyway I am stuck, please help, all I want to do is be able to sync my phone with outlook, (stand alone on a windoze 7 PC)

    Cheers loads in advance.

  2. Tnk

    Tnk New Member

    I just got my X10 and wish to do the outlook sync as well. I read one method that you import your contacts from outlook into your gmail account, then it lets you import them. Haven't tried that yet, looking around for another method so I don't have to import 1800+ contacts into gmail from
  3. Bobbles

    Bobbles Member

    Not found a decent way of doing it yet, and as an aside PC Suite doesn't recognise my X10 anyway!

    I don't want to put my contacts on a google mail account or anywhere else on the Net for that matter, but looking like more likely all the time!
  4. royalexander

    royalexander New Member

    I've done the googlemail thing as a workaround for the contacts and calendar but hope something else is out there..... or someone codes something soon!!

  5. SEEYou

    SEEYou New Member

    How to sync with outlook x10.

    Have finally found a way to sync contacts and calendar without using G.mail/g.calendar

    This requires twin cards

    I have a 850i that I sync with outlook using pcsuite.

    Then I sync this with synchronization utility located on the SE's pages. (You must log in society, and record both phones here. And download the settings required for both phones)

    Not the easiest way, but it works!

    When everything is recorded on phones, it is not too much work.

    1. sync old phone with pcsuite / outlook.
    2. Enter the old phone and press sync.
    3. When it is finished, go into x10 and press sync.

    Is very happy with the phone, and has a battery that lasts up to 60h. with some careful use
  6. davethorp

    davethorp Well-Known Member

    There is a way to sync the calendar

    Set the X10 up to sync to google account
    Download this and install it, set it to sync as often as you like
    Your X10 will sync with google calendar, and the google sync app will sync google calendar with outlook

    Roundabout way of doing it (though not as roundabout as getting an iPhone to sync with lightning before the iPhone started supporting google calendar) but should do the trick for you.

    Can't help on the contacts I'm afraid
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  7. kararz

    kararz New Member

    Ref. How to Sync MS Outlook contacts in Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.
    I bought this phone at USD 700+ and figured out it doesn't have any sync CD nor it can automatically syncs Outlook and Xperia X10. After random trying and reading different websites, I found a way, which may not be very rosy looking, but it saved me from typing 1200+ contacts manually. Herer is the step by step process:
    (1) First outlook contacts has to be transferred to Google Contact (i did not try calender yet since contact was more important to me).
    In order to do it, I downloaded and installed free software "GOContactSyncSetup" on my PC. Then I opened the software and the process is self descriptive. One has to have Gmail account though. After selecting preferred criteria of synchronization (the choices are easy), it will upload all contacts on Gmail under Gmail contact list.
    (2) Then on or Xperia X10, do the followings: Tap Settings>Tap Data Synchronization> Tap Google sync> Tap Contacts, Auto Synchronization, Background Data> Go back on the Google sync page and Tap Gmail AT the end of the screen Tap Gmail.

    NOW it will ask for gmail account and password and in few minutes it will be done.
  8. McChicken

    McChicken Member

    quick reply,
    had som problem until I tried ( free & beta) BUT you need to have the SE PC connection.
  9. silverfawkes

    silverfawkes New Member

    The Outlook to Google to XP10 works but it is only exporting from Outlook. If you have added a new contact or appointment to your phone an update from Outlook will wipe the new details becasue they are not on Outlook. The only solution is in the last post and I am about to try it but some feed back on whether it gives a 2 way sync would be helpful
  10. saher_7878

    saher_7878 New Member

  11. BDW

    BDW New Member

    A good option is DejaOffice from Copanionlink, in the App market, search for "USB Sync". It installs pretty easy and works well. It's a bit clunky and is slow to update initially but after that it's OK.

    The main draw back is that it will cost $39.99 after the 14 day trial. The Market lists it as free :mad:. I'm only on day 3 so have yet to decide to buy it but I quite like it so far.
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  12. Strolls

    Strolls New Member

    Thanks for the tips here. I too bought an X10 and was stunned to find that it did not do Outlook sync straight out of the box. That is the price of going Android - it is Google's operating system and they want to make Google the way of working, not Microsoft.

    However, for a smartphone not to have MS office integration is a major omission.

    Finally resolved the problem of syncing with outlook using the Companionlink/DejaOffice solution above. Installation was simple and effective.

    The only issue I had was that you have to sign into Google to set up internet access. It automatically sync'd with a Google Calendar I maintain for a local organisation. So I have a whole bunch of their events on my calendar, but fortunately it did not put all my personal events on theirs.

    Still trying to work out how manage the Google sync bit. I use my Yahoo account more than Google, but the Yahoo App for Android only works on Version 2.0 and X10 comes with V1.6.
  13. charlyee

    charlyee Well-Known Member

    That is what I use and I did buy it after my 15 day trial was over. The Deja Office is free but the Companion Link is $39.95. Their support has been quite good so far as well.
  14. Calvin.Mousavi

    Calvin.Mousavi New Member

    1) On your X10, tap the application page, select settings, select Data Synchronization, select Google Synchronization and tick the Calendar and if you like Contacts.
    2) Follow the instruction on this page:
    Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help
    3) Each time you edit your calendar, either from Google calendar or Outlook via your computer, or your X10, they will be synchronized. But please note, that I have not found the way so far to sync outlook straight away with X10. So still we need that Google Calendar sync software, the above link, and use that as an interface.
    The easy way is to add events through your Google Calendar or X10 first and then use the software and sync them.

    Enjoy your X10! I love it!:)
  15. nononcents

    nononcents New Member

  16. jagannath

    jagannath New Member

    Easily the best which i have found is "My Phone Explorer" which can be found at FJ Software Development It syncs your contacts, calendar with outlook seamlessly and also gives you some brilliant extras like desktop control of your phone to make calls, and send sms. I recommend using it against any other program
  17. rfortson

    rfortson Well-Known Member

    What about Moxier Mail? I thought it was supposed to synch with Outlook. Any experience with it?
  18. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Well-Known Member

    Not Sync with Outlook. Outlook is just the application layer.
    Moxier syncs with Exchange Server.

    a person could be using Outlook to access the ISP branded email or Exchange Server email.
  19. apparelink

    apparelink New Member

    Moxier Mail works only with Exchange Server. My work is using Exchange Server so I can check work e-mail on Moxier Mail. Anroid allows you to download e-mail from POP mail server as well so you don't really need to "sync" with Outlook because e-mails you download to the phone are the exactly the same as the ones downloaded or to be download to your Outlook at home.
  20. rthilly

    rthilly New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Found the best way, Download and install google calender sync, then setup you phone to sync calender from gmail.
    This is the best way, I am using it and it works fine for me...
  21. hunny28

    hunny28 Member

    I am using Blue SyncRoid to sync my contacts and calendars with outlook and Nexus S. It has been a huge issue to get all I had in my older phone to my new phone. My last phone was always up to date after syncing with Outlook and it used to be with bluetooth. With the new one, either I had to move all my personal information (contacts and calendars) to the cloud, gmail or use USB. Was literally a pain. Found Blue SyncRoid which fixed the issue. The trial version allows 50 contacts to be synced. I kept on it for a while and finally went for the full version. perfect for now !

    App at market:

    website: Blue SyncRoid

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