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xperia x10 mini - mobile internet not workingSupport

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  1. yarin66

    yarin66 New Member

    I got my sony ericsson xperia x10 mini couple of weeks ago and only thing I`m struggling with is mobile internet. I am able to turn it on (3G sign appears on the top) and I can browse the internet by browser but I am not able to use market,facebook,twitroyd,maps...basically, any other application except internet browser. However, when I connect to wifi, everything works just perfect. I dont know where the problem is, can anybody help me pls?

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  2. cfc

    cfc Well-Known Member

    i think you need to switch on background data, you need it to use the market app
  3. yarin66

    yarin66 New Member

    actually,I have it on and it makes no difference at all...
  4. szveronika

    szveronika New Member

    Same issue with my mini pro :(. I hope there is a solution, I will search for it..
  5. szveronika

    szveronika New Member

    I found on another forum that they asked their provider to change SIM card and it works well. Some old sim cards cause this problem. I will try also.
  6. coolprosu

    coolprosu New Member

    Exactly the same problem here. GPRS is active, background data is on. Internet browser works, but not the applications.

    My SIM card is old though (a "Hutch" printed SIM card). That might be a problem. I'll get it changed.

    Hope it works.
  7. szveronika

    szveronika New Member

    Finally I didn't change my SIM. I called my provider they told me the exact internet settings which I already tried to setup.
    Then I have setup again everything how they said and reboot my phone (!!) and it worked well!! Now everything works great.
    My SIM also an old one so maybe this is not the problem.
    Good luck.


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