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  1. iLiaaamx

    iLiaaamx New Member

    Hi members/admins/etc!

    Im new to this forum and i was searching through google for my problem with my xperia x10 and i found this forum which should help me!!

    basically i forgot my pattern unlock and i tried it 5times and i had to unlock it with my google account...
    ive tried 2 google accounts and they wont sign in and they work on my laptop!!!
    its been locked all day and its not unlocking!!

    Any questions about it ill answer and i really need this help!


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  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

  3. iLiaaamx

    iLiaaamx New Member

    Nah, none of them work.. but im trying the update and i cant connect my phone up to the sony ericsson Pc Companion as i cant drag the status bar down... i tried taking everything out of the phone (battery, memory card , sim card) didnt even work
  4. alender

    alender New Member

    i forget my pattern pls help me to unlock
  5. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    Liam, I know this post was a while back but since it has been dug up:

    You don't need to drag the status bar down to connect to SEUS, so give that a go.

    Same applies to the above poster if nothing else is working :)
  6. arash

    arash Member

    You sure you haven't stolen the phone? lol

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