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  1. dsinge1999

    dsinge1999 Member

    Hi There,

    First post...newbie to android so any help would be appreciated. I have rooted my phone and done all the necessary steps to install xRecovery. The problem is I when I try to back up my phone I get the following error message: E: can't access /tmp/recovery.log. I have tried for days to find a work around but it simply will not work. I'm dying to get the upgrade to froyo or above as 2.1 does not offer multi-touch. If anyone has found a solution to this issue and feels like giving me a step by step I will send good vibes your way for the next 12 months!Any hellp would be greatly appreciated,



  2. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    google 'x8toolbox' and all your question will be answered, including your multitouch problem :)

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