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  1. cheech4

    cheech4 Well-Known Member

    today i downloaded the program and did the test. my XPRT test score was 1271, is that good? says it did better than a Droid X 2.2 and better than an EVO 2.2.

  2. scootxprt

    scootxprt New Member

    I get 1531 somewhere in there, but it is still good. All chips are diffrently made as in no chip is exaclty the same as in defects, so all scores will be all over the place. Hoep this helps ya :)
  3. lodown3

    lodown3 New Member

    What can we really grasp from this information if its specific just to each our own phones?...just curious. thanks.
  4. scootxprt

    scootxprt New Member

    Pretty much shows that everybodys unique :D there is no point in the app but to show that some processors are better then older and newer ones.
  5. RadioZero

    RadioZero Active Member

    my Droid Pro (VZ) scored a 1471 before reboot, 1522 after a reboot. so try a reboot and see if your score goes up.
  6. cheech4

    cheech4 Well-Known Member

    my first xprt scored 1271 i had problems with that one, this new so far has not given me problems yet ( knock on wood ) and scored 1452. same exact phone running same exact programs but one scores better is that normal.

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