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Xscope - AutoSave Forms?

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  1. Borath

    Borath Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 13, 2010
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    I'm using Xscope browser and picked the option to remember username/password on websites that I visit.

    However, my password has changed but it still tries to auto-populate the website fields with these values. Anyone know of a way to get it to stop so I can edit it with the new values?

    When I contacted Xscope's developer, he mentioned that it wasn't any settings within the browser and that xScope doesn't store or manage it. The android webkit does.

    Anyone know what this means and where do I go to edit sites' field values the browser remembers?

  2. Brinkley1988

    Brinkley1988 Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2010
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    I'm always using android webkit, it's greate in performance.

    So, I could just give you some suggestions from my experience. When it fill the profile message for you, and when you submit, will you ask you whether you like to store the account message? If yes, then just select yes to cover the profile message. Otherwise, you may have to remove all saved profile info., is there any options to let you remove all profile infos?

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