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XT701 won't go into recovery mode (Browse All)

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  1. DagansDad

    DagansDad New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 7, 2010
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    Hi, I have a rooted XT701 and I'm trying to do a nandroid backup. The instructions that I'm finding, say to hold down the power button and media button at the same time, okay, that works and bring me to the triangle with the exclamation point in it. Now I press the up volume and camera button at the same time, which is suppose to bring up the recovery menu but it doesn't do anything. Has anyone run into this before?

    Followup 11-09: I discovered that it's not the camera button that needs to be pressed along with the volume up key, on the XT701, even though that's what I keep finding when I search for documentation. It's actually the volume up key and the media button that brings up the recovery menu.


  2. metalchef

    metalchef New Member

    Aug 16, 2010
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    hey man
    wondering if you can help...
    my buddy's xt701 suddenly went wonky on him. he turned it on after charging, and it wouldn't/won't boot past the "android" screen (gets past the "M" screen).
    I can get it into flash/download mode; and can flash SBF files w RSD Lite; however, it still won't boot past the "android" name. nor can I manage the device through ADB (doesn't see device).
    moreover, the worst part is, all of the links @ http://and-developers.com/sbf:xt701 are dead...and I've been unable to locate any stock 2.1 SBF files.


    EDIT >> nevermind. I got it resolved.

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