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  1. washer

    washer Member

    Hi, my milestone XT720 hangs and auto restarts at least twice a week.

    Went throught the forums and found out that certain apps may be the caused.

    Apps i've installed:
    1) 3g watchdog
    2) ShowNearby
    3) PingChat!
    4) Opera Mini
    5) WordFeud

    Would like to know if anyone with similar apps, have similar problems that i faced?


  2. Lew-89

    Lew-89 Member

    Had the same problem:

    • Random Crashes
    • Applications not responding
    • Freezes/Locks Up's
    • Random reboots

    And was getting the "force close/wait" message frequently
    . I found out that it was a Live Wallpaper that I downloaded from the Android Market that was causing the problems. I uninstalled the Live Wallpaper, Formatted the Memory Card and Hard Reset the phone, but some problems still remained.

    So i purchased a Micro SD Memory Card Adapter and formatted the Memory Card using a PC instead of using the phone, and since doing that, i have had none of the problems above...
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