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  1. Lewey22B

    Lewey22B Member

    Hey everyone, just saw on GSMArena that this phone is now avaliable to buy (The XT720) which now gives me the decision in the title.

    In terms of money, I have the money for both (

  2. motoindo

    motoindo Member

    i think it's better xt720 because had 8mp camera n xenon flash light, n in night mode its more clear when i import the picture into computer...i believe that xt720 can over clock until 1,3 Mhz. n xt720 had graphic cart on the prosesor so xt720 not need so height clock to proses the display.
  3. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    Wife has the S and i have the motoroi with 8mp. I.ll i likewise phone over hers. Although the amoled screen is beautifully clear. It has some hardware issues. Camera and camcorder on motoroi is very nice.
  4. Gadget First

    Gadget First New Member

    we've been given an XT720 to review, I can confirm that we we're able to overclock the CPU to 1.27GHZ without any problems. Even without overclocking, the XT720 can run graphically intensive apps without problem due to the graphics chip.

    We haven't been as impressed with the camera as we thought. Photos replicate colour well and are of good quality but the camcorder mode is terrible, even when we set it to record HD video we found the video to be jumpy and of horrible quality.

    We have a Youtube video here demonstating the camera's quality.

    So if the video recording is a big issue for you, we can't recommend the XT720.

    The super AMOLED display on the galaxy S is stunning, second only to the iPhone 4.

    We'd recommend the Galaxy S
  5. Hahutzy

    Hahutzy Member

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