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  1. erk2581

    erk2581 New Member

    First Android phone, but not first Casio.

    My phone (using the standard xt9 keyboard) is having an issue where sometimes, mid-txt, other times completely randomly, the txt in the box will disappear. The phone still knows the txt is being entered...here's an example.

    If I'm typing "Hi Jeff, how are you" it may enter as "Hi Jeff, " and then the type quits showing up. The phone knows its being entered because I can see it being spelled under the type box where it guesses the word and you can press it. If i put the phone up/down oriented, this problem goes away and it works fine. AND if i'm typing "Hi Jeff, how are you" and the error happens after the word Jeff, but I continue typing (hoping I"m spelling everything correctly) and i rotate the phone 180 degrees, it shows whatever i was typing, but wont show anything new.

    Please help. Only thing I've found is when it starts doing this is to do a battery pull, and I'm having to do that about 4 times a day. :(

  2. txstetson

    txstetson Member

    I had to replace the stock keyboard app with GO keyboard and have not had this problem since.
  3. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Or go to the Swype website and put in your info and get Swype. The newest version has dragon dictate voice recognition. The same voice recognition I paid 5 bucks for to get the flex t9 keyboard......
  4. Camel413

    Camel413 New Member

    Ive had this happen to me a few times, at random. I usually just FC the text app. After that go right back into your message and all is fixed. Much faster than pulling the battery.

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