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Y cant i play gameloft gamesSupport

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  1. califathug13

    califathug13 Active Member

    while ive been using my samsung galaxy indulge i have noticed i cant play gameloft games does anyone no why and is there a way to fix this

  2. Eddy120876

    Eddy120876 Well-Known Member

    Maybe gameloft games required a lot of processing power or memory but check gameloft Q&A
  3. califathug13

    califathug13 Active Member

    i doubt it because i downloaded it and i could play it but i cant see all the screen
  4. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    If you downloaded it and it works but screen is cut off then the resolution is higher than the phones screen and its not being scaled down for whatever reason or being scaled up beyond the phone screen resolution.
  5. califathug13

    califathug13 Active Member

    Is there any way to fix or change that
  6. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    I have no experience with gameloft games. Do they run as stand alone apps, through another app or browser based?
    califathug13 likes this.
  7. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member

    We can do better than Gameloft, can't we?
  8. RobertRiter

    RobertRiter Active Member

    How'd you even get it? The site flat out says Indulge isn't supported.

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