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Yahoo! Bizmail setup issue.Support

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  1. Chazbald

    Chazbald Member

    I am able to set up my personal yahoo email account i.e. myname at yahoo.com on my SG4, but cannot set up my yahoo small business account i.e. name at mydomain.com.

    It gives my personal email as incoming mail and my personal sent folder for outgoing mail.

    I set up incoming using pop3 as described on yahoo's small biz site and also IMAP, but still giving my personal inbox mails rather than the bizmails.

    Nothing on yahoo answer forums seem to answer this.

    Has anyone with an SG4 got yahoo small business email set up and working?

    Cheers, Chaz.

  2. Chazbald

    Chazbald Member

    If anyone has come across this issue and found a way around it please post here as I would still like to know.

    In the mean time I have downloaded the Yahoo mail app from Play and it has solved the issue. I can log in with my yahoo biz mail account and additionally switch between the personal & biz yahoo accounts. It's actually better than the standard mail app that comes with the SG4, for me anyway.

    Hope this helps for anyone else who has come across this issue.
    Cheers, Chaz.
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  3. Chazbald

    Chazbald Member

    Also if you have Yahoo bizmail you'll probably have a website with them.

    I found that you can update your website on the SG4 with sitebuilder if you download and use FireFox browser app.

    It's pretty fiddly to do with a small screen, but for emergency updates when you're away from your main computer, it definitely works.
    Cheers, Chaz.

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