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Yahoo Calendar

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  1. AloMon

    AloMon Member

    Can I use yahoo calendar on the Hero does anyone know?

  2. iamafireman

    iamafireman New Member

    I know this is old but no answer, Is there a way to sync yahoo calendar with the htc calendar.
  3. MartinG

    MartinG New Member

    From what I know, it might be possible, but there is a charge from yahoo to use that kind of service. Its weird, but yeah. Google though can do it for free. I have not tried either, i was going to try with yahoo, but my friend told me not to because of that.
  4. boop

    boop New Member

    Yeah, I normally have 3g turned off coz i usually have a wifi connection available to me, but recently I've been testing out different power settings, and I've noticed that when 3G is turned on, I loose wifi connection and get very low phone reception ... it definitely explains some problems i've been having. At least i know what the problem is now - but I would have thought it would be fairly standard to turn your 3G off when away from charger...

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