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yahoo.com.au with htc mail app issues (Browse All)

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  1. 4ngi3

    4ngi3 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 3, 2010
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    When I first got my Desire I setup my yahoo.com.au pop email and it was working fine for a week. yesterday i realised that i wasn't getting any emails on my desire all day. checked my settings again today and they're definitely ok.

    I deleted the account on the htc mail app and created a new account with the same details. there are no errors when it goes through the setup and it verifies the incoming and outgoing email details so I would assume that it is all correct.

    Actually i know its all correct because its the exact same settings i have in outlook.

    I used the below settings.. can anyone help with what i might be doing wrong? Maybe i need to use a differnt mail app? any suggestions? oh and i've read about the issues with yahoomail and wifi but it used to work on wifi with these settings and i have also tried without wifi too and still no success.


    Server Settings Incoming Mail Server (POP3): pop.mail.yahoo.com.au Use SSL, port: 995
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.mail.yahoo.com.au Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication
    Account Name/Username: myusername@yahoo.com.au Email address: myusername@yahoo.com.au Password: MyYahoo!7 Mail password


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