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Yahoo email issue-Username or password incorrect

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  1. Dalilama

    Dalilama New Member

    I've been using the native email app to access Yahoo email on my Droid running 2.2 for quite a while and occasionally, it will have issues connecting to Yahoo's servers. It might last an hour, or a day, and may go away for weeks before it happens again.

    The normal error msg I get is 'Username or password incorrect.' And these are both correct if I check. Sometimes it gets fixed if I just go wireless and connect and then back to 3G, but not always. Reboots rarely help as well. Anyone else experience this and have any solutions? Thanks.

  2. I had that with Gmail. After a week of OK operation it wouldn't recognise my ID or password anymore. Gmail support refused to help out. So I kicked Gmail.

    Using my free Yahoo mail account now through a good free Yahoo mail app from the market. You can try that too.
  3. titan2005

    titan2005 Well-Known Member

    I think Yahoo did something on their side. (Yahoo+ still work)
    I had it setup and working on the Sansung Captivate but the Nexus1 I get incorrect UN and PW. Also my Gmail stopped importing emails from Yahoo account a while back also.
  4. Dalilama

    Dalilama New Member

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Yahoo having their own relatively new app for Yahoo email and more. I had considered using it, but in several reviews, people said it was a real battery drain and resource hog.

    Anyone familiar with the new app and it's pros/cons?
  5. Dalilama

    Dalilama New Member

    I now have the Yahoo app on here and that works fine. FYI for those who want other work-arounds:

    When logging into the new app, it said I was locked out of my email account and had to logout and then re-login from a browser to unlock the account. By doing this, I was able to get into both the new app and the native app on the Droid. While your browser requires you to periodically login to refresh, the native app doesn't do this, and must be experiencing this problem as a result.

    So if you get that error message like I did in my original post, try logging out and back in via a browser to reset the lock. Hopefully it will work for you too.
  6. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    K9 works fine.
  7. oefox

    oefox New Member

    I have this problem on my partners i5510. The default email app just will not work with her IMAP personal email account nor her Exchange work email account. They both report that the username or password is incorrect???

    I installed Improved Email and got her exchange account to work, but the IMAP account reports the same problem, so...

    I installed K9 to and got her IMAP account working with that but since her exchange is 2010 version K9 can't handle both accounts so she has to use two mail apps.

    Anyone ideas?
  8. womey

    womey New Member

    I had a similar issue with Droid2 (Android 2.2) where at first I noticed it was unable to connect to the Gmail server, then when I opened Yahoo (using the EMAIL app) it showed similar errors. On GMAIL, it wanted me to enter an authentication code (to confirm I wasn't a SPAM robot) but either I entered the characters incorrectly, or, if they were correct, the Droid wasn't able to send them to the server. --- This all started the day after I had customized "Advanced Task Manager". I searched the web (didn't find any good answers), and didn't want to reset the phone to the factory defaults (that's a last resort kind of thing) so I went to "Applications" to manage them. I un-installed the GMAIL app then restarted the phone. There is a 'default' GMAIL app (at least on my phone) that I opened, and it began reading the mail again, then it automatically went to the MARKET and re-installed the non-default app. It is working normally again and the EMAIL app (for Yahoo) began working again right away too. I don't know why this worked, but it corrected the problem with not much hassle.
  9. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    Had the same issue just now, but then it started working as soon as I logged in from my laptop. Pretty sure that "whitelisted" the IP or something like that and Yahoo started letting me in on mobile. Weird stuff.
  10. TJude

    TJude Member

    From Feeldennis ((Solution) Yahoo messenger log in problem invali... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums)

    Yahoo messenger log in problem invalid username/password.

    Hello every one, I have had the problem of logging into my yahoo messenger on my blackberry for the past 3 months. I checked all the forums on line but to no avail.

    This was the problem, I could not sign in, it tells me invalid username/password. I reinstalled the app so many times. I changed my password as well to see if it was a problem with my cached password that that was not updated on the phone.

    I could sign in on my phone into yahoo messenger with other apps and on my desktop but not on the yahoo messenger app. I could sign in with other yahoo id

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