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Yahoo Email SettingsTips (Browse All)

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  1. bartman201

    bartman201 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 12, 2010
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    - Go to mail icon
    - Add account
    - Enter email address in email address filed (name@yahoo.com)
    - Enter password at password field
    - Select MANUAL SETUP not next
    - Select IMAP
    * username= name@yahoo.com
    * password = yourpassword
    * IMAP server= imap.mail.yahoo.com
    * port = 143
    * security = none
    * optional = blank
    - Select NEXT

    You will then be prompted to sign in do so.

    Will then be taken to the SMPTP settings which only prompts you for address which is smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com. leave the port as is. Security change to none Then select NEXT. Sign in. Name your account and that


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