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Yellow LED blinking for no apparent reason.General

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  1. SpaceFrank

    SpaceFrank New Member

    Hello, all. I've had my Commando for most of a year now and have been pretty happy with it. Just as waterproof and shock resistant as my Rock was (aside from turning off sometimes when dropped, I guess the battery mounting isn't stellar... but that's an issue for another time).

    I recently did a factory reset, as I had frivolously downloaded quite a few apps I didn't need and the phone was running slow as hell. Got everything set back up the way I wanted, and have encountered no hangups or frozen home screens since.

    Now, for some reason, when the screen is turned off, the LED blinks yellow even when I have no notifications. I think the notification alert is green, anyway. When I press a button to turn the screen back on (showing the slide lock), the LED turns off.

    The battery level is fine, and it does this whether the phone is charging or not. If the screen is on but locked while the phone is plugged in, the LED is solid red like it should be, but when I tap the power button to turn off the screen, it starts blinking yellow again.

    I'm hoping this is something easy that I just can't think of. I have no idea what the yellow light is supposed to indicate, and I don't recall this happening when I first bought the phone. It's irritating because I usually leave the phone on my desk with the screen turned off, and just glancing at the light can tell me if I have a notification or not. Now the thing blinks all the time.

  2. unitypunk

    unitypunk Well-Known Member

    ive never seen mine turn yellow!

  3. tsp_2177

    tsp_2177 Well-Known Member

    Mine only turns yellow when the local news station weather app alerts me to bad weather lol
  4. SpaceFrank

    SpaceFrank New Member

    Yeah, I don't know. I'm sure it's just some app setting that I can't find. It's just that the only apps I've installed at this point are Facebook and Yahoo mail, and both of those have notifications turned off. And it only happens sometimes. And when it does happen, there are no notifications on the top bar.

    It's not really a big deal, just one of those things that's annoying enough to slowly drive you completely mad.

    Okay, I fiddled with it a bit more before submitting this post, and I'm pretty sure now that it's related to the Yahoo mail app. I had some new emails, and after opening the app and closing it (without even opening the new mail), the LED no longer blinks yellow.

    I could have sworn I had checked this before, and it had still been blinking even when I had no new email. Possibly a glitch that happens when you receive new mail, then check them via computer and not the phone. Combined, of course, with having no way to turn off the LED even though you can turn off status bar notifications. I'll have to test this hypothesis later.

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