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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by clcakes, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Sep 2, 2010
    Hi! I picked up my first andriod phone last week and have been having a ball playing with it. :) I'm so glad that I found these forums, their is so much to learn and I'm more than a bit overwhelmed. I have a couple of questions that I haven't seen the answer to yet...

    Why would I want to root my phone?

    What does a quadrant score tell me?

    I'm a little concerned about batter life. I have completely let the battery drain twice now so I'm hoping that helps. An ex: today I unplugged my at 100% battery and after 6 hrs I'm at 82%. I haven't really used the phone all that much today.

    I did notice yesterday that my 3G fluctuated constantly between 1 and full bars so today I turned it off to see how it does. I don't usually have WiFi, bluetooth, or GPS on - just turn them on as I need them.

    :) I think that is it for now! Thank you!!


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    There are many nice apps that require Root to use, an example being Titanium Backup that backs up all your apps and info so if you need to restart everything you can get it back up to speed much quicker. Also nice is the ability to remove the bloatware added by Samsung such as MobiTV.

    For more information read this thread in the All Things Root section

    How fast your Vibrant runs. Tbh I'm not noticing much difference when the score is ~900 vs ~2200.

    Turning off 3G and leaving the phone on Edge saves a ton of battery life in my experience.
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    You may like Fancy Widget, free if you scan the barcode in provided link and you can use Barcode Scanner app from Market which is free to scan.

    Fancy widget has been pulled from the Market. Still able to get it though :)
    (copys HTC style clock/weather)

    Top Android Widget: Fancy Widget | Best Android Apps Review

    Here you can pick one of a few types of AV Cables which will work perfectly fine on your Vibrant for a couple bucks.

    For an avg user, I would stay away from rooting your phone. I think you can wait for Samsung to update the firmware on your device to fix a lot of the issues right now.

    People generally want to root their phone so they can apply the "one click lag fix" (you can find in Market) to speed up their phones, but only see a difference if you're phone right now currently appears to be lagging and un-responsive.

    Upgrade your phones Firmware via Samsung Kies. You can find it on their website.

    If you really want to go root your phone, its easy. One click lag fix will root and apply the lag fix with a couple clicks.

    From personal experience, I had issues soon after applying that fix and root.

    Bricked my phone, and was luckily able to recover and do a wipe/reinstall.

    Don't go upgrading to 2.2 beta/alpha as theirs a lot of chance you will brick your phone and or have lots of bugs. This is for in case you were also wondering about. 2.2 froyo will be available at the end of this month via OTA (over the air) you will recieve a notification once its released.

    Anything else, just ask us away.
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    All smartphones pretty much require recharging every night. Losing only 18% battery in 6 hours is very good actually. In my worst days I lose 10% per hour (on a Nexus One, but a smartphone example).
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    Sep 2, 2010
    Thanks for everyone who responded. :) I appreciate it!

    I'll hold off on rooting for now, if something becomes an issue I'll revisit the idea.

    Battery is now at 63% after being off of the charger for 8 hrs 25 min. Since I've been home this morning I've been using it a bit more: games, texts and playing with settings. I'll be off to work again so it'll be in my pocket for 3 hrs. I'm interested to see what it is reading at the end of the day. If I can make it through the day on a charge I'll be really happy. :)

    Thank you for the app recommendation. The apps have been so much fun! I've been playing with so many of them! :)

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