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  1. mid

    mid New Member

    I am new to Samsung, Dart. I received it a couple of days ago.
    I quite naively read Dart's specs (e.g.: 'phonearena') with its battery promised stand-by time 288 (yes, nearly three hundred) hours.

    I charged it over night, and yesterday I did not talk at all, wi-fi and GPS being off. The battery was drained by about 6 pm. All-in-all it was on its own for ~10 hours.

    Could you please comment on the fact? I want it to remain alive at least over a weekend (go out of town on Friday, a couple of "How are you?" calls, morning news, pizza order online, back home on Monday).
    Should I read "Warranty" documentation?
    Please advise.
    Best regards,


  2. t499user

    t499user Active Member

    Yes, the battery life does suck most of the time. You can upgrade to a custom ROM but I would wait for now as Samsung is supposed to release a new ROM for it, and then a proper custom ROM should follow :)
  3. mid

    mid New Member

    Thanks t499User.
    Could you please explain "for dummies" what your note has to do with my initial message? In particular
    1) Specs vs. fact;
    2) Your "ROM" vs. my "battery".
  4. All roms are debloated. Where the apps no one want are taken out. Plus you can under clock and under volt your speeds so it takes less power. What kernels are for so you can tweak the settings
  5. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, my battery does pretty well. When I don't use my phone, it lasts about 3 days on standby. Heavy texting, some web browsing and light calling it lasts me about 12 hours.

    Daft battery?
  6. mid

    mid New Member

    I.e., it's ~72 hours vs. specs' 288. Am I getting it right? Are there compatibale bateries available on the market please?
  7. t499user

    t499user Active Member

    I have tried other batteries, but none were as good as the original. I haven't run the stock rom in quite a while, I have been using Cyanogenmod, it does help and you might want to try it out. Otherwise if you want to stick with stock roms try the Mobilicity one, it doesn't have all of the extra crap that t-mobile put on there. Here are some links for you.

    If you want to root the SGH-T499, superoneclick does work. SuperOneClick |

    You can gratis(free) sim/network unlock this phone very easily, you must do this on one of the original stock roms: xda-developers [TUTORIAL] Unlock Samsung [GT-S5570 / i5500 / Galaxy Ace]

    The stock T-mobile and Mobilicity(Very Clean/Stock/Canadian) roms for the T499 are available here: [Archive] Stock ROMs and Tools

    CyanogenMod 7.2 being worked on for this device, have a look at [UPDATED] [Development] CyanogenMod 7.2.0 for Samsung Dart (SGH-T499) - MADTeam Forum

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