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  1. Warney007

    Warney007 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if someone could tell me if my battery consumption seems reasonable, given that the battery on my razr lasts around 6-7 hours

    Model: XT910 (Rogers)
    Battery info: 15% left - 6h 32m 54s

    Display - 28% - 3h 42m 56s
    Talk - 23% - 1h 11m 16s
    Voice Calls - 18% - 23m 44s
    Wi-fi - 8% - 6h 32m 54s
    Android OS - 8% - 19m 3s
    Mediaserver - 4% - 8m 30s
    Draw Free (Game) - 3% - 7m 8s
    Cell Standby - 3% - 6h 32m 54s
    Google play store - 3% - 5m 12s
    phone idle - 2% - 2h 49m 58s
    com.motorola.home - 2% - 3m 8s

    Apart from this I have brightness set to 0, Data disabled, went on facebook for 10 mins (max), and played music for 10 mins.

    Then does this make sense?....I've heard people saying that they have watch 2 movies and still have 30% left?....
    Please any comments will be welcomed....

  2. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Well-Known Member

    I think its normal.
    My razr xt910 also behaves the same way as yours.
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  3. oOMavrikOo

    oOMavrikOo Well-Known Member

    Yeah that sounds like almost any android device.
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  4. Warney007

    Warney007 New Member

    Thanks....I was just about to return it thinking its defective or something!

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