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  1. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    Just received my Seidio 3500 battery and after a days use I have to say i'm very impressed. Up times been about 13 hours and awakes been 2 /12 hours with 78% left. This battery will not die...that's the good news.

    The bad, yep it is thicker and heavier than stock, I figure I'll use it when I'm in the field and can't get to a charger.

    I didn't have battery problems and could get at least a full days with moderate use.

    I recommend it to anyone with battery problems or if you're away from a charger or outlet.

    Thanks again Seidio for another great product.

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  2. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking long and hard about getting this. I would of bought it, if they made a cae that protects the whole phone, not just part of it. I'm not too impress with the case they made for this battery. There is no protection for the top or bottom part of the evo.
  3. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    I agree my white case will not fit,but I will switch between this and the regular battery. I'm pretty sure the back cover will get scratched from lack of protection.

    I'm still amazed by the battery life, it's impressed my enough to forgive the shortcomings.
  4. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    Update: At 66% now have been listen to wunder radio for a total of 4hours since last night and this morning, one call, email and changing my wallpaper and icons for about another hour.

    So far it's worth the money.
  5. novarider

    novarider Well-Known Member

    The only downfall is that the battery won't charge fully in the phone. You gotta use an external charger to get the most life out of the battery
  6. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    I read in the forums to purchase the Seidio battery charger as a suggestion. I can dual charge the phone with the regular battery in and the 3500 mah in the charger.

    When I tested getting the Seidio back cover on and off it was difficult to remove but sturdy. Small gripe but I still can't drain this battery.

    Now if we can only get the same battery life from our stock battery.
  7. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    At 42 % streamed Wunder for 2 hours ,another hour on Trillion sending 2 pictures over wifi and 3 calls.

    Damn i love this.
  8. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

  9. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    15%...ok batteries finally dying. Went to remove the door per instructions by Seidio and upon carefully removing the cover I broke a tab.. :( sadness. Going to hit up Seidio if I can purchase a couple of replacement doors. My fault, I wasn't careful enough.

    Still Love this product well worth it.
  10. Zackb911

    Zackb911 New Member

    I just had to order one of these from Amazon myself.

    I've been waiting on my 2 eBay Chinese 3000ma batteries for over a week (still haven't received them). Once I read the ton of 5 star reviews on Amazon I just had to go with the Seidio at $63. For how much I use my phone and how long I'll keep it, it just seems like a must have.

    Not sure If I'll sell the Chinese ones or try comparing them to the Seidio.
  11. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member

    Hmm I found the tabs to be the weak point of all my Seidio cases too. They seem to make them too small/fragile. Sucks to hear it's still the case.
  12. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    How long is the warranty on their battery?
  13. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    I believe it's 180 days, maybe I can get a replacement door.Going to email them about it.

    Still love this product.
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  14. bcrtj457

    bcrtj457 Well-Known Member

    i have been searching so hopefully this hasn't already been addressed

    i found some help conditioning the battery. i know i've read that you don't need to do this, and then i've read that it help. so i am lost!

    full charge the phone and once it is full charge, turn it off and unplug it. Plug it back in and than unplug after the light turns green. Repeat 10x. This does help to condition the battery

    I am in the process of doing this right now, and when this is complete, i plan on doing a battery stats wipe. now i have probably unplugged and plugged back in my powered off phone 15-20 times. for those of you that have done with with successful results, should i keep doing this until i reach the point of, when i pull the cord out and put it back in, i get a green light? or is it enough to just do it 10 x?
  15. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    I've done this with every battery and it has only taken maybe 5 times to do this, meaning unplugging cycle. I just did this with a spare stock battery in the last day.

    You only have to perform this one time and you should be g2g.
  16. MinnesotaRealEstate

    MinnesotaRealEstate New Member

    Can you explain the steps in more detail about conditioning battery? Getting my evo next week....and i am not understanding exactly what to do with the battery?

  17. stanglifemike

    stanglifemike Well-Known Member

    Still wanna sell the chinese batteries? PM me if you do
  18. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

  19. darkshadow

    darkshadow New Member

    i bought the battery online before i even go the phone. so i can't compare to stock battery. it makes the phone a lil heavier and bigger, but i don't mind it. i like the way it feels. although it feels real vulnerable if i were to drop it. i just ordered a silicon case on ebay and will cut out part of the back to allow for the extra battery.

    only had it for almost a week, i still spend hours everyday downloading and tweaking the phone to my liking.....

    this phone rocks!!!
  20. I was at the Sprint store a couple of days ago and I said "I'm sure you get this queston on a daily basis, but does HTC plan on making a longer life battery"? He said with a smile, "just wait a month and you'll be happy". So, we will have to wait and see. I'm tired of the batter life on this phone.
  21. Jusjun

    Jusjun Active Member

    I've been using my battery since Sunday and this thing is absolutely a beast! I no longer have to charge it every time I go to work or go to someone's house. I can actually use this phone heavily and not worry about being fast.
  22. Sauk

    Sauk Well-Known Member

    Just got the battery today. It was at 61% and now around 14% after extreme use.

    Interested to see what this thing can do after a full charge. Will let it charge around ten hours tonight
  23. Lindseybp

    Lindseybp Well-Known Member

    I've had this battery for awhile now and it has changed the way I use my EVO. Now I just punish it by streaming my Slingbox, listening to radio, watching videos, surfing the internet and this battery just keeps going. Leaps and bounds better than the stock battery if you can take the extra "junk in the trunk".
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  24. Sauk

    Sauk Well-Known Member

    So I charged it last night connected to my phone. No matter what process I do when charging it gets up to 100% then just as quick as it gets that it drops down to 99 and within an hour I am down to 95, etc..

    Is it not fully charging? What could I be doing wrong?
  25. neoshi

    neoshi Well-Known Member

    It's not you. It's the phone. If you charge it in an external charger, it stays at 100% for a good while. The phone cuts off the charge too early, thinking it's full when it's not.
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