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Yikes - How to recover from USB storage format?Support

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  1. mrmax

    mrmax Member

    Christ, Looks like i formatted the wrong storage device, instead of the SD card i formatted the internal USB storage - all the data, pics & videos are gone!! Anyone recovered from this? Ive already used tools such as recuva and pandora - NOTHING! Comments appreciated! Max

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    You may be able to recover some or most of the data using specialised recovery software, but simple undelete utilities won't work as formatting removes the allocation table so there's no record of where files were stored on the volume.
  3. mrmax

    mrmax Member

    Slug, any that you recommend? Has anyone been able to recover from this? , darn samsung storage naming convention is silly! Cheers Max
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Sorry, I've never used such a thing. Provided you haven't overwritten any of the volume since reformatting there's a good chance of recovering much of the data. Hopefully there's a freeware program out there to do the job; a brief search earlier only found shareware programs that required payment to be properly useful, however.
  5. mrmax

    mrmax Member

    Ah, yeah, ive tried pretty much all the freeware/shareware out there, easus, pandora, recuva etc - nothing, its wiped clean. Most of em say they can recover formatted drives, but no such luck. Some come with deep scan but the results are the same - file structure/folders without data. Cheers Max
  6. MoxdeAndroid

    MoxdeAndroid New Member

    Argh! I've done the same thing. Has anyone come up with a solution? One thing is that when I plug the phone into the PC it's not assigned a drive letter so the recovery software I have for it does not appear to see it as an attached drive. If there's a commercial solution, not silly money though, I'm willing to consider it.
  7. rashmeet

    rashmeet New Member

    the samething happend to me

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