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you can view a deleted text msgGeneral

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  1. katj

    katj New Member

    Everyone on here says there is no way to view deleted text msgs, thats bs, my bf can view all my deleted texts anytime he wants, he didnt buy any software or download any, not that i can find on my phone anyway and ive looked through everything to see if he had, he just picks the phone up and it takes him about 5 seconds to read them, it makes me mad, not because im hiding anything but because he wont tell me how and he thinks he's funny, well i dont at all, there has to be a way other than buying "spy" software theres no way hes opening an app and reading msgs in the little time it takes him to find them, so someone that knows how this can be done, please let me know, oh and he is not reading them by going into my contacts and sliding the screen, ive tried it. i have the samsung galaxy.

  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    The only possible way for him to see deleted SMS's is by going into your contacts and tapping the History tab at the top. It will only display the first two lines of the text though. If this is how he is doing it then you can clear the history list and he won't be able to read anymore texts.

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  3. katj

    katj New Member

    I know after searching my phone for 2 hours i finally figured it out and felt like a complete idiot at how easy it really was, its okay though, i'll let him believe he's real smart and i still have no idea... thanks anyways! :)
  4. katj

    katj New Member

    So i finally did figure it out, its completely easy just do exactlly what he posted below, too bad i didnt get back on and check before searching through my phone forever and finding it myself...anyways its really that simple it shows msgs and calls that go back a month or more, depending on how many you have of course, whats the point of even deleting them if their not really gone? yeah you can delete them from there but how many people actual know that they stay there even after being deleted from your message app?and even then certain settings on your phone can have them stored in other places too, such as backed up to your sd card(yes i know this i checked mine) and also if you have a gmail account and you have the option "auto sync to gmail" checked on, they go there too into convos... so much for privacy...anyway, to all you people who try to be sneaky and delete them or do it just because theres things you dont want anyone to see, I suggest you find a new method...OR STOP BEING SNEAKY PERIOD, nmw it will always come back to bite you, technology these days, and not to mention the software and apps and god only knows what else you can get for these things. Hope i helped a bit and hope i keep some people who read this out of trouble :)
  5. DFS

    DFS New Member

    <whispers> password your phone...
  6. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    ^ lol


    - R4nd0mJ0k3r

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