You Tube keeps stopping and Buffering?General

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  1. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    For about a day or so my You Tube has been Buggin out! Vids go for about 10 seconds and then start Buffering non stop? Anyone else having any issues with the app lately?

  2. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    No but have you tried restarting your device. Also check to see if your in 3 g and what's your reception like. It may be connection more then the phone
  3. DSG04lightning

    DSG04lightning Well-Known Member

    3G 4G or WiFi
  4. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    That is something that happens to me regularly. I am in a mid-level 3G area and it happens constantly for me. When I am on wifi or lucky enough to be in 4G coverage it does not.

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