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  1. jarexhelle81

    jarexhelle81 Member

    hi guys, gave me any suggestions ur best custom ROM coz im planning to customize my ROM but i dont know which is good or best... and why u choose that ROM... thanks in advance...

  2. I prefer repencis rom v3.0 or chobits digitalis . I prefer repencis .repencis default launcher is adw lancher its fast and awesome!! . Chobits digitalis home lancher is go lancher . Its fast too just pick to those two :) hit thanks if i helped :D
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  3. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    Creeds Rom 2.5 - dramatic battery life increase, 76 hrs max compared to less than 40 on stock.

    How's repencis and chobits on battery? Might wanna try those too.

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  4. The repencis rom is awesome smooth And Fast! :) and the default launcher is Adw if you want adw Use this rom :)
    The chobits Digitalis Is awesome too smooth and fast two if you want go launcher ex use this rom ;)
    ANDROID TECH ARENA Visit this link for more infos and installations ;)

    Hit thanks if i helped :D
  5. arshavin69ru

    arshavin69ru New Member

    I am using Repencis v3 and I just love it;flash player works in default browser only on Repencis,basically it works with any browser that supports flash player on this rom only.I watch premiere league matches full screen with live sports app.
  6. Oh thats good to knoww :)
  7. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    ei guys, can you please answer? Hows the battery on those roms? thnx
  8. jarexhelle81

    jarexhelle81 Member

    thank you so much guys for your time and sharing the info ..
  9. Hit thabks if i helped
  10. ShadowMasterXZ

    ShadowMasterXZ New Member

    I Don`t Know About Chobits Digitalis, But In Repencis v3.0 You Can Replace Any Default APKs.

    So, If You Don`t Like The Default ADW Launcher In It (And Don`t Want Two Different Launcher In You Phone) You Can Replace It With Any Other Launcher.

    Just Download Any Launcher You Like, Using Root Explorer Find The Launchers APK In /data/app/*Here* And Copy It To /sdcard/.ApkReplacer/*Here*.

    Rename The APK AdwEx.apk

    Go To Settings --> Repencis Labs --> Apk Replacer And Click Install And Restart Your Phone.

    And Its Done.
  11. Paras Salot

    Paras Salot Member

    creeds is best for graphics & hybrid for performance;)
  12. Tanmay Mukim

    Tanmay Mukim New Member

    you are right graphics are great but battery consumption is very high.the original one is better than this :(
  13. emjimadhu

    emjimadhu Active Member

    who said creeds consume more battery?? probably u guys dont know how to use it lmfao...

    for me creeds 3.0 and chobitsditalis are best... both are stable roms for now... i own blog for samsung galaxy y... and by user reviews these two roms r great...

    and if u like miui... there is a rom for that too... name is weui rom... it has minor bugs.. but it looks almost like a miui rom...

    afterall it depends on u... every rom has unique features.. so first go through the features... then download ur favorite rom...
  14. Navatar

    Navatar New Member

    Hi I'am a complete newb at this, just rooted the Galaxy why, nothing installed after that, I want to custom rom to a latest Android version, performance over graphics.

    can you help
  15. trajan143divu

    trajan143divu New Member

    Creed's rom 2.0 and update to 2.1.
  16. Yusri

    Yusri New Member

    Woah seriously? thats awesome! But one important question though how good is battery life on this ROM particularly on mobile data? thanks ;)

    NIMEESH New Member

    Creed 3.5
  18. TheKalle

    TheKalle Well-Known Member

    Which custom rom have the best performance?
  19. TheKalle

    TheKalle Well-Known Member

    I have tried Creed's Rom v2.5 and its all good. But there is a glitch when you write something with the keyboard, wallpaper background will show up. I have currently Creeds Rom v3.5 and the battery life is no good. Do you know other roms with good performance and batterylife?
  20. shivam94

    shivam94 New Member

    Try COD rom . It is the best rom (even better than repencis rom v3.5) in my opinion.. I suggest you to flash with cod rom v1, flash gapps package, then completely unroot it as it uses supersu , then flash with merruk kernel pre 2.0 It has a really good battery life then :) ( 1.5 days on moderately heavy usage )

    Download link and instructions :
  21. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

  22. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

  23. lvabarajithan

    lvabarajithan Active Member

    Try ParaDox ROM which has Nexus 7 based user interface. No custom Kernel but works also with kernel. This is the only ROM whuch has default live wallpapers of Nexus 7 like Grass , Polar , Nexus , Galaxy etc in its update 1.

    Battery standby is also good. I prefer this for simple look, good performance , ram management = Battery life,.Cute lwps...

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