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Your device isn't compatible with this version.

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  1. DanielRojas

    DanielRojas New Member

    Hi. Your device isn't compatible with this version. That's the message I get when I want to install instagram . I have a nexus s running 4.0.4 (hopefully 4.1 soon) I used to have instagram but I had a problem with my phone that lead me to wipe every in my phone. I don't think I am rooted so yeah I have no idea this is WEIRD. please help and thx :)

  2. Bootsock

    Bootsock Well-Known Member

    Try installing from https://play.google.com using a PC browser instead, Instagram doesn't list a maximum version and shows as compatible with my Nexus S running 4.1.1.

    ... not that I want to use Instgram myself! :)

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