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Your Favorite Free Live Wallpapers

  1. kon390

    kon390 New Member

    Hi I'm new to this forum and android phone. Used to be a big Iphone user, but just switched to galaxy SIII. I love my new phone, especially the live wallpapers. I just want to list some of my favorite free live wallpapers app (not the top downloads) since it could be hard to find quality apps nowadays on the play store. I'll keep this post updated as I find new apps. Please share your favorite live wallpaper apps too.
    Ok, here we go.

    1. Camellia's Sky Garden by Genbu Studios
    Screen Shots:

    Really cute wallpaper. My sister loves it.

    2. Fairy Night Garden by uistore.net
    Screen Shots:
    Another Cute wallpaper

    3. Nossia flowers by Gauli
    Screen shots:
    Love the unique art style


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